Total Tracks 11
Total Length 53:03
1. I Knew That (4:01)
2. Everytime You Go (4:47)
3. Turn You 'Round (4:37)
4. Drift (5:01)
5. Almost Made You Smile (4:58)
6. Alone In The Dark (5:15)
7. Someone To Talk To (4:45)
8. Necessary Evil (4:10)
9. As Far As You Can Go (5:22)
10. I Don't Want To Be Like This (4:22)
11. Until The Light Shines Through (5:45)
Released 1993
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Label Capitol
Catalog No C2 0777 7 80622 2 6
Genre Rock: General Rock
Primary Genre Rock: General Rock
Reviews The Devlins showcase their smooth Irish brogue on their debut album Drift, and without the heavy guitars and lyrical imagery made famous by their Irish counterparts (U2, the Cranberries). Taking note from their influences such as Talk Talk and the Blue Nile, Peter and Colin Devlin go for a grainy simplicity similar to Mike Scott and the Waterboys. The result is earthy in composition, and nothing outstanding in the sense of perfecting an anthem or epic song. Album opener "I Knew That" is a decent introduction for Drift; echoing guitars and breezy acoustics set the album's overall tone and emotional outlooks. "Everytime You Go" and "Almost Made You Smile" are hauntingly similar to the earnest vocals of Daniel Lanois, but what's most inviting about the Devlins is how they keep it basic. No major production or standout singles are found; hushing vocals carry the entire 11-song set list and make Drift an ethereal beauty. - MacKenzie Wilson

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