Total Tracks 11
Total Length 50:43
1. I Would Die For You (4:35)
(Jann Arden)
2. Waiting For Someone (4:40)
(Jann Arden)
3. Will You Remember Me (3:46)
(Jann Arden)
4. We Do Some Strange Things (5:31)
(Jann Arden)
5. I'm Not Your Lover (4:13)
(Jann Arden)
6. Give Me Back My Heart (5:02)
(Jann Arden/Bob Foster)
7. The Way Things Are Going (4:10)
(Jann Arden)
8. Kitchen Window (5:07)
(Jann Arden)
9. I Just Don't Love You Anymore (3:53)
(Jann Arden)
10. Time for Mercy (4:15)
(Jann Arden)
11. Over You (5:31)
(Jann Arden)
Released 1993
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Label A&M Records Inc.
Catalog No CD 500071
Genre Folk: Contemporary Folk
Primary Genre Folk: Contemporary Folk
Reviews AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Jann Arden's debut, Time For Mercy, features 11 songs all focused on relationships, but with an uncommon intensity of commitment. When she sings the chorus of the passionate and intriguing "I Would Die For You," you believe every syllable — just as when she delivers the bad news of "I Just Don't Love You Anymore." Piano and Arden's own acoustic guitar work provide the main backing, with electric instrumentation adding subtle flourishes. Little Village drummer Jim Keltner anchors the rhythm section. A lonesome harmonica wail and the sweet bite of pedal steel color "We Do Strange Things" and "The Way Things Are Going" respectively. Strings are used to heighten the title track's emotional peak rather than drenching it in syrup. — Roch Parisien

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