Total Tracks 15
Total Length 56:30
1. Native Tongue (1:01)
2. The Scream (3:49)
3. Stand (5:15)
4. Stay Alive (4:23)
5. Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice) (4:14)
6. Body Talk (4:01)
7. Bring It Home (3:55)
8. 7 Days Over You (4:13)
9. Richie's Acoustic Thing (0:56)
10. Ain't That The Truth (3:25)
11. Theatre Of The Soul (4:41)
12. Strike Up The Band (4:15)
13. Ride Child Ride (3:53)
14. Blind Faith (3:32)
15. Bastard Son Of A Thousand Blues (4:57)
Released 08/02/1993
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Label Capitol Records
Catalog No C2 0777 7 98961 27
Genre Metal: Pop/Hair Metal
Primary Genre Metal: Pop/Hair Metal
Reviews AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Ditching most of their party anthems, as well as guitarist C.C. Deville because he allegedly wasn't up to par, Poison adds guitar whiz Richie Kotzen and makes a bid for respect. Leader Bret Michaels has decided to accentuate the populist strains of ballads like "Something to Believe In" throughout Native Tongue. It often falls short — Kotzen's playing is too proficient for the lite metal hooks that the rest of the band have mastered — but Poison gets points for trying, and they do come up with some tracks, like the single "Stand," that could stand with some of their previous anthems. — Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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