Total Tracks 10
Total Length 45:31
1. Small World (Part One) / Huey Lewis & The News (3:55)
2. Old Antone's / Huey Lewis & The News (4:47)
3. Perfect World / Huey Lewis & The News (4:11)
4. Bobo Tempo / Huey Lewis & The News (4:37)
5. Small World (Part Two) / Huey Lewis & The News (4:05)
6. Walking With The Kid / Huey Lewis & The News (4:03)
7. World To Me / Huey Lewis & The News (5:21)
8. Better Be True / Huey Lewis & The News (5:22)
9. Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy) / Huey Lewis & The News (4:37)
10. Slammin' / Huey Lewis & The News (4:33)
Released 1988
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Label Chrysalis Records
Catalog No VKX 41622 - DIDX 3374
Genre Rock: General Rock
Primary Genre Rock: General Rock
Reviews AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Small World was another platinum hit for Huey Lewis & the News, but the album was noticeably weaker than their previous three records. Lewis tries to position himself as a socially-conscious rocker — no less than three tracks have the word "world" in their title — writing songs about the perilous state of the environment and urging everybody to live together peacefully, since "there ain't no livin' in a perfect world." Such sanctimonious and simple lyrical platitudes would be acceptable if the band had written a set of catchy pop to support them. Instead, the group decided to stretch out, exploring rootsy American music like the zydeco of "Bobo Tempo" and the bluesy "Old Antone's." None of the musical diversions work as well as the bouncy Top Ten hit "Perfect World." However, "Perfect World" is the only song that ranks with the group's best material — as "Give Me the Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)" proves, the News had failed to come up with hooks that rivaled their earlier hits. — Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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