Total Tracks 9
Total Length 43:28
1. I Love You Goodbye (5:58)
2. Cruel (3:09)
3. Silk Pajamas (3:37)
4. I Live In A Suitcase (5:28)
5. Eastern Bloc (5:20)
6. Close But No Cigar (4:26)
7. That's Why People Fall In Love (5:32)
8. Neon Sisters (4:52)
9. Beauty Of A Dream (5:06)
Released 07/1992
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Label Giant Records
Catalog No 24478 2
Genre Electronic: General Electronic
Primary Genre Electronic: General Electronic
Reviews AMG EXPERT REVIEW: A greatly matured Thomas Dolby highlights his melodic tendencies on Astronauts & Heretics. Containing more personal moments enhanced by his love for technology, such tracks as "Cruel," which features a stunning Eddi Reader, and "Eastern Bloc (the sequel)" help listeners connect with bits of the past forwarded into the future. "Eastern Bloc (the sequel)" even takes its rhythmic sense from the old Johnny Otis tune, "Willie and the Hand Jive," before it comes into its own. "Silk Pajamas" has a unique pastiche of sound to it and also a very memorable tune to go along. While nothing here appeared to catch fire with the public at the time, Astronauts & Heretics is still a fine testament to Dolby's continuing maturity. Time sometimes must catch up to foresighted performers. Astronauts & Heretics is just such a case. — James Chrispell

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