Total Tracks 8
Total Length 57:44
1. The White Tent The Raft (9:12)
2. Red High Heels (7:19)
3. Goodbye (4:17)
4. Ingrid (And The Footman) (7:06)
5. Lena Is A White Table (6:41)
6. The Walking (And Constantly) (6:16)
7. The Lobby (6:19)
8. THe Bird In The Gravel (10:34)
Released 07/1988
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Label Duke Street
Catalog No DSR D 31040
Genre Rock: Classic Rock
Primary Genre Rock: Classic Rock
Reviews AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Although Jane Siberry's big hit singles were a bit too pop-oriented to truly represent her work as a whole, even those who loved her more off-kilter side would have been hard-pressed to have foreseen the direction of The Walking. For most of the tracks, Siberry dispenses with standard pop construction, instead opting more for a sometimes-surreal narrative approach. This can be a bit trying for those who value succinctness; of the eight tracks, only one clocks in at less than six minutes. Musically speaking, however, the playing is still excellent and even some of the epics are pop gems ("Ingrid and the Footman"). It's her most accomplished work to date, but it's bound to lose the casual listener quickly. — Sean Carruthers

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