Total Tracks 18
Total Length 1:41:15
Revolution Road
1. Look Up (0:45)
2. Sky Is Falling (5:29)
3. Dream In Red (6:31)
4. Better View (5:59)
5. Outside The Painted Walls (5:05)
6. Revolution Road (7:43)
7. Forever Nights (5:42)
8. Ptolemy (5:49)
9. Gypsy (Of A Strange And Distant Time) (4:05)
10. Savor Every Moment (4:33)
Revolution Road
1. Castles Fall (5:30)
2. UFO S.H.A.D.O. Theme (3:36)
3. Enjoy The Weather (8:51)
4. Pay Your Dues (5:13)
5. Eden Burns (4:11)
6. Hold That Thought (3:26)
7. House Of Cards (5:45)
8. After The Revolution (13:02)
Released 26/09/2006
Format CD
Bar Code No 802610105027
Label Think Tank Media
Catalog No 1050
Genre Rock: Progressive Rock
Primary Genre Rock: Progressive Rock
Reviews Back in the sixties we all came to rely on our favorite bands releasing an album every year. Sometimes there might even be more than one release in a year. These days the time span between recordings is, shall we say, somewhat longer. And to that point, it’s been 8 years since the last Rocket Scientists release but I’m happy to report they’re back and in fine form with the double CD release Revolution Road. ***
The core trio of the band remains Mark McCrite (vocals, Guitar), Erik Norlander (keyboards) and Don Schiff (NS/Stick) and they are assisted by David McBee (vocals), Gregg Bissonette (drums), Simon Phillips (drums) and the late Shaun Guerin (drums). Now it’s not that Mark, Erik and Don haven’t been busy, with solo projects, tour support or whatever else pays the bills, reading the CD’s liner notes gives an interesting glimpse into the world of music for progressive rock bands such as the Rocket Scientists. ***
The first word that came to my mind upon listening to Revolution Road was ‘slick’ and I mean that in every positive sense. These compositions are very polished, smooth, slick whatever, they sound great. In fact the musicianship here is so tight; it’s obvious these guys have been working steadily. The two discs showcase 18 tracks with a running time of one-hour and forty-one minutes. Most of the material falls in around five or six minute range with a couple that are about eight minutes and the longest is thirteen. Needless to say the band packs a lot into each composition. Each of the trio gets a chance to shine with solos spread through out. And as mentioned the musicianship is spot-on. The compositions themselves fall into the melodic prog category, where the emphasis is placed on melody and songs-man-ship. Each piece is given the appropriate proggy embellishments and arrangements’ to generate sonic depth and variety. ***
On the vocals side, six of the tracks are handled by David McBee and his harder edge approach provides a nice counterpoint to the smoother style of Mark McCrite. On a personal note I have to say I lean more to McCrite’s style and tone. That was one of the other ‘first impressions’ I had, this guy can really sing and has a great voice. My two favorite tracks on that score would have to be “Castles Fall” and “Enjoy the Weather”. He’s also a dead-ringer for the Moody Blues Justin Hayward when he wants to be. The band do a cover of the Moody’s “Gypsy” and it’s like looking into a mirror. There are also a few instrumentals including a great cover of the theme from Gerry Anderson’s first live action (non-marionettes) TV show called UFO. Cool! ***
On the whole Revolution Road is a great return for the Rocket Scientists. The two-discs are packed with some tremendous compositions, spectacular musicianship and it all sounds great. Welcome back. Let’s hope the next release doesn’t take another eight-years. ***

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