Total Tracks 10
Total Length 42:14
1. Pressure Points (2:10)
2. Refugee (3:47)
3. Vopos (5:32)
4. Cloak and Dagger Man (3:55)
5. Stationary Traveller (5:34)
6. West Berlin (5:10)
7. Fingertips (4:29)
8. Missing (4:22)
9. After Words (2:01)
10. Long Goodbyes (5:14)
Released 1984
Format CD
Label Decca
Catalog No 6052
Genre Rock: Progressive Rock
Primary Genre Rock: Progressive Rock
Reviews Review by Daevid Jehnzen

Although Stationary Traveller is a concept album, it musically falls into line with its predecessor The Single Factor, which found Camel trying to refashion themselves as the Alan Parsons Project. Where The Single Factor suffered from Camel's attempts to write pop hooks, Stationary Traveller finds the band breaking down the barriers, opening up their relatively concise songs with long, atmospheric instrumental passages. The album's lyrics, which were written by Susan Hoover, is about the divided Berlin and its political, emotional and physical divides. Often, the lyrics and music -- which work as individual entities -- don't quite work together, since they follow different emotional directions, yet the record remains a worthwhile listen, especially since it features Andy Latimer on pan flute.

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