Total Tracks 10
Total Length 43:41
1. Opel (5:27)
2. The Way It Is (5:47)
3. Perpetual Response (1:21)
4. Forgive Me / Part 1 (1:38)
5. Gentle Art Of Swimming (10:18)
6. Who Do You Thin You Are (3:36)
7. Going Outside (0:24)
8. Sun In The Sky (4:23)
9. Forgive Me / Part 2 (3:01)
10. Forgive Me / Part 3 (7:46)
Released 11/03/2003
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Bar Code No 693723655123
Label Tempus Fugit
Catalog No 6 93723 65512 3
Genre Rock: Progressive Rock
Primary Genre Rock: Progressive Rock
Reviews Stock is a coming-of-age album. What happened between Trying to Kiss the Sun and this third opus is unclear, but the results are very impressive. While the group's previous output sounded like nothing more than talented mainstream prog rock of a derivative nature, this album finds its own sound. Furthermore, the songs are no longer simply catchy, they are thrilling. The combined influences of Pink Floyd (after all, the group did start as a Floyd cover band) and Spock's Beard still give the music its main direction, but everything has grown in maturity, from the lyrics and Yogi Lang's vocal delivery - more personal and touching - down to the detailed arrangements and track segues. "Opel" opens the album with a very apt midtempo FM rocker. "The Way It Is" shows its Pink Floyd roots, but it also evokes the best moments of Genesis' swan song, Calling All Stations (and yes, there were a few strong moments there). The magnum opus is the ten-minute "The Gentle Art of Swimming," a magnificent chorus supported by good solos. "Who Do You Think You Are" also delivers a highlight. The three-part "Forgive Me" gets too close to David Gilmour's writing to be comfortable, but the other songs all give the impression of a band that has found its voice. And it's a pleasure to hear. The initial edition of Stock also included a bonus DVD with a 5.1 Dolby Surround mix and a promotional tour video. - François Couture

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