Total Tracks 9
Total Length 34:52
1. Love is Alive (3:54)
2. Let It Out (3:26)
3. Can't Find The Judge (3:24)
4. Made To Love You (3:46)
5. Power Of Love (3:37)
6. Dream Weaver (4:16)
7. Blind Feeling (4:45)
8. Much Higher (3:00)
9. Feel For Me (4:44)
Released 1975
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Bar Code No 777497536168
Label Warner Bros
Catalog No W2 2868
Genre Rock: Classic Rock
Primary Genre Rock: Classic Rock
Reviews No one expected the success of Dream Weaver when it was released, but it sailed to the top of the charts, and with good reason. Backed with only drums and a wide assortment of keyboards, Wright crafted instantly recognizable tunes such as the title cut and "Love Is Alive," which caught on and remain staples of classic rock stations around the country. All very revolutionary and new at the time, Dream Weaver hasn't lost any of its magic over time. - James Chrispell

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