Total Tracks 9
Total Length 37:41
1. The Heart Of Rock´n Roll / Huey Lewis & The News (5:05)
2. Heart And Soul / Huey Lewis & The News (4:12)
3. Bad Is Bad / Huey Lewis & The News (3:47)
4. I Want A New Drug / Huey Lewis & The News (4:45)
5. Walking On A Thin Line / Huey Lewis & The News (5:11)
6. Finally Found A Home / Huey Lewis & The News (3:43)
7. If This Is It / Huey Lewis & The News (3:54)
8. You Crack Me Up / Huey Lewis & The News (3:43)
9. Honky Tonk Blues / Huey Lewis & The News (3:21)
Released 1983
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Bar Code No 777495319398
Label Chrysalis Records
Catalog No F2 21412 DIDX 76
Genre Rock: Soft Rock
Primary Genre Rock: Soft Rock
Reviews Picture This found Huey Lewis & the News developing a signature sound, but they truly came into their own on their third album, Sports. It's true that the record holds together better than its predecessors because it has a clear, professional production, but the real key is the songs. Where their previous albums were cluttered with generic filler, nearly every song on Sports has a huge hook. And even if the News aren't bothered by breaking new ground, there's no denying that the craftmanship on Sports is pretty infectious. There's a reason why well over half of the album ("Heart of Rock & Roll," "Heart and Soul," "I Want a New Drug," "Walking on a Thin Line," "If This Is It") were huge American hit singles - they have instantly memorable hooks, driven home with economical precision by a tight bar band, who are given just enough polish to make them sound like superstars. And that's just what Sports made them. - Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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