Total Tracks 12
Total Length 46:06
1. Genie In A Bottle (3:38)
2. What A Girl Wants (3:35)
3. I Turn To You (4:33)
4. So Emotional (4:00)
5. Come On Over ( All I Want Is You) (3:09)
6. Reflection (3:33)
7. Love For All Seasons (3:59)
8. Somebody's Somebody (5:03)
9. When You Put Your Hands On Me (3:35)
10. Blessed (3:06)
11. Love Will Find A Way (3:56)
12. Obvious (3:59)
Released 24/08/1999
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Bar Code No 078636769028
Label RCA
Catalog No 07863 67690 2
Genre Pop: Teen Pop
Primary Genre Pop: Teen Pop
Reviews Since Christina Aguilera is the third and last of the New Mickey Mouse Club alumni to hit the charts in the mid-'90s - following two members of 'N Sync and Britney Spears - it's easy for cynical observers to assume that she was the lesser of the three talents since she arrived last after everyone scaled the charts. That's not the case at all. If anything, Aguilera is the best of the three, blessed with a rich voice that's given the material it deserves. Her eponymous debut remains firmly within the teen-oriented dance-pop genre, but unlike Spears' album, this is done right. The songwriting is strong - the ballads are engaging, the dance numbers are catchy - the production is clean and uncluttered, letting Aguilera's voice take the foreground. Most impressively, she not only has charisma, she can actually sing, bringing conviction to these love and heartbreak songs. So, Christina Aguilera may be lightweight, but it's lightweight in the best possible sense - breezy, fun, engaging, and enjoyable on each repeated listen. Out of the deluge of teen-pop albums in 1999, this feels like the best of the lot. - Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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