Total Tracks 14
Total Length 56:59
1. Hurts To Love You (5:21)
2. I Am The Man (4:23)
3. You Stepped On My Life (4:20)
4. You Don't Love Me (Like You Used To) (4:23)
5. Little Rosie (4:33)
6. Oleo (6:06)
7. The End (2:49)
8. Super Sugar Supreme (3:32)
9. Head First (3:38)
10. The New Messiah (4:06)
11. You're Allowed (3:43)
12. Cry (3:04)
13. Wide Awake (4:55)
14. Dinah (2:06)
Released 1997
Carl's Rating
Format CD
Bar Code No 074648029129
Label Columbia
Catalog No CK 80291
Genre Rock: Progressive Rock
Primary Genre Rock: Progressive Rock
Reviews Somewhere in the three-year period between albums, the lads in the Philosopher Kings got the idea that slick, innuendo-heavy funk was their strong suit. The resulting album repudiates everything that made their first album such a joy to listen to. The jazz influence is almost totally gone, leaving the band sounding like the Style Council with ants in their pants. That's not to say that Famous, Rich and Beautiful is a bad album, as the playing is still first-rate. However, the immersion into retro slick funk just seems like an incredibly calculated maneuver, especially after such a promising debut. - Sean Carruthers

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